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Basic Requirements And Rights Of A Regulated CYSEC Broker

CySEC is abbreviated for “Cyprus Securities And Exchange Commission”. It is a regulatory body that takes care of the regulations of numerous financial service providers across Cyprus, including the financial markets. Thus, CySEC regulates both the stock and the forex market. Additionally, the regulator monitors the Cyprus Investment Firms or CIFs and those working in this industry. Every CIF employee must possess specific knowledge and qualifications to execute their job responsibilities. They must comply with all the anti-money laundering and compliance procedures at all costs. Read More


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What Are The Merits of Working with An ECN Broker?

The advent of technology has made it possible for traders to invest in the financial markets safely and efficiently, just like prominent financial institutions. One such facility is ECN (Electronic Communication Network) which is basically a computerized system that automatically buys and sells orders with market securities. Read More

Low Spread Brokers

Why Should Traders Choose Low Spread Brokers?

Forex trading is a well-regarded market and is preferred by several traders across the globe. Spreads are an extensive and essential part of forex trading. In simple terms, spreads refer to the difference between the bid and ask price of the forex currency pairs. Furthermore, it is also called the difference between two rates or two indices. Many forex traders use spreads to measure the comprehensive market liquidity. Read More

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Five Useful Tips To Choose The Right Forex Broker

Foreign exchange or commonly known as forex, is a decentralized market where traders can buy and sell currencies. Although a lucrative field, you need to know everything about the forex market before you initiate your trading journey. A forex broker is someone who establishes an ideal link between traders and the forex market. Read More




Forex Trading Tips

The Best Tips For Forex Trading That You Can Use In Crisis

The forex market has recently undergone so many ups and downs due to the Russia-Ukraine war. While some traders made a lot of profits from the price fluctuations, others lost a considerable share of their capital. So, what can be done in such volatile times? To guide you through the same, here are some tips you can follow in dealing with price swings like a pro in a crisis. Read More


ECN Forex Brokers

A Comprehensive Guide On ECN Forex Brokers

In forex trading, the two most important factors that can lead you toward success are accessibility and liquidity. Most “traditional” brokers that you see in the market are “dealing desk brokers”, meaning they act as a middleman between the trader and liquidity providers such as banks, traders and other brokers. However, some brokers prefer to bypass all of this and want to directly access the market at all hours of the day. This is why they opt for ECN brokers. ECN is an abbreviated form of “Electronic Communications Network”. It is an efficient tool that helps traders in automated trading and have direct access to the forex market, irrespective of the traders’ account size or leverage. Read More