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Submission Guidelines

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Editorial Process

  • Review and Feedback: Every submission undergoes a review by our editorial team. We strive to provide constructive feedback and may request revisions to ensure the content meets our standards.
  • Acceptance and Publication: Once approved, your article will be scheduled for publication. 

How to Submit

  • Initial Contact: Send us an email with a brief introduction about yourself, your experience, and a summary of the article you wish to submit.
  • Article Submission: If your initial proposal is accepted, we’ll ask you to send the full article. 
  • Include bio and links to your social media sites to gain recognition as a writer on our website and readers can reach out to you if they want to give any feedback or get further information about the topics you cover in your blogs. 

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Contributing to Stainway Financials is a chance to make an impact in the trading community, sharing knowledge that can help others succeed in the volatile worlds of forex and crypto. We look forward to your insightful contributions and to growing together in our financial journeys. Join us in our mission to demystify trading and help our readers thrive in the financial markets.